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17 November, 2016

Britain’s cancerous presence in the body politic of Ireland takes on many shapes and will never be far from the news. Today all of Ireland is fearful of just how an arrogant British Prime Minister Teresa May will disrupt their lives and economy so that mainland England and “The City” will thrive after leaving the European Union (BREXIT). A related issue is the UK’s keeping a lid on its corrupt governance in NI. How are the two linked? England needs American cooperation and assistance in trade deals and for the US to fight their battles for them with the EU. The rub? Britain’s deceit about N. I. with President’s and Congress.

Although the BREXIT deadline is 3-4 years off, Prime Minister May’s emissaries are practically commuting to New York and Washington these days and camping out at the Department of State in a race against time. Why? Some feel all this urgency is a ruse to garner US sympathy for their predicament. But the real urgency is pending judicial rulings of the European Court of Justice regarding inquests delays; disclosures of loyalist collusion inquiries; double-agent/informer investigations (Operation Kenova) and human rights rulings by the EU in Strasburg. All are encircling Whitehall like Harry Potter’s Dementors reminding the British of their murderous lawlessness in NI. BREXIT planning is as much about coping with these legacy Dementors as it is about refugees and trade.

The UK have an edge in limiting what American’s know about these ‘legacy’ issues. News about Ireland, BREXIT and NI is shaped by British influence over foreign news reporting of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. English Consulates in major cities here hire lobbyists and host acolytes who feed on canapes and propaganda to insinuate themselves in public forums like World Affairs Councils and spread the Royal gospel.

Britain’s dominance in the world of English language publishing is also critical. After all England’s version of Irish history is embedded in generations of students and scholars. Think not? In 1996 ‘terrorism expert’ Professor J. Bower Bell of Columbia University’s International Analysis Center wrote a book about the 1974 no-warning bombings of Dublin and Monaghan shopping centers. The author concluded that Britain’s reputation for respect for the rule of law and democracy prevented it from carrying out the attack despite the Army and police experience of all the prime suspects. The mass murder of 33 innocent people was whitewashed by the author because …well they are British. England is scrubbing out of history the killers of over 800 innocent Catholics in the same way they did the Dublin Monaghan bombers: deceit; stonewalling; destruction of evidence and with “assists” from favored ‘terrorism experts.

The British will be seeking U. S. waivers, exemptions, financial and technical assistance, grants and ‘most’ favored nation status especially in the military, financial, intelligence and technical sectors to aid in their ‘distress.’ There is no justifiable reason for the U. S. to prostrate itself any more than it already does for Her Majesty’s government. First, the British economy, the 6th largest in the world, is flying. Second, more favors extended to the UK is likely to be injurious of US abilities to meet other economic and political objectives with other nations and certainly injurious of those in Ireland who likely will feel the brunt of BREXIT changes. There is a third reason. Our Defense, State , and Justice Departments are indifferent to British actions in Ireland. But Members of Congress would be offended and most Americans shocked if they knew of British lying about those actions to American media and elected officials.

Consider: 1. To defend democracy British security services organized an assassination campaign which included 6 elected officials and 11 campaign workers doing nothing more threatening than canvassing; murdered two lawyers and a journalist and in the process made a mockery of the European Convention of Human Rights. 2. In support of law and order, the UK hired and colluded with loyalist anti-Catholic bigots and socio-paths involved in at least 150 murders of Catholics as informers and double agents. 3. To concoct their own ‘truth’, they have undermined key obligations of the U. S. brokered Belfast Treaty of 1998 by obstructing the Pat Finucane and Dublin-Monaghan inquiries of the Irish government. About all this Patrick Corrigan, Program Director of Amnesty International stated: “Killing people targeted by the State using intelligence provided by the State and killing them with guns provided by the State is not a security policy but a murder policy.”

As a new day will be dawning in the U. S. in January Britain has accelerated its BREXIT pleading in Washington perhaps to gain some special favors in a lame-duck session of Congress. The U. S. should develop its own BREXIT policy which defines just what America should get from the British for any trade considerations and then patiently wait until they get in return some economic relief, truth and justice for the people of Ireland. A cautionary note. Irish historian Barry Keane in Co Cork is appealing a decision by the British government to refuse him a 106 year old Classified file labeled “Paid Informants in Irish Secret Societies and in the United States”. The U. S. should be in as much of a rush to yet again help the British out of a mess as the UK is willing to disclose the truth of their murderous ways.

Michael J. Cummings
12 Marion Ave
Albany, New York 12203-1814

Michael J. Cummings, a native of Springfield, Mass., is a graduate of St. Anselm's College (B. A., 1968) and New York University (M. P. A., 1970) is a former member of the National Boards of the Irish American Unity Conference (1996-2013), the Ancient Order Hibernians (2001-2008), and the Irish Northern Aid Committee (1988-1996). He served six National AOH Presidents, 5 IAUC National Presidents and two National Chairman of INA primarily in public relations capacities. He is the only person to serve on the national policymaking bodies of all three major Irish American organizations. He also served on the Commission on Peace and Justice of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. Cummings has appeared on American, English and Irish television and radio and his commentary and letters and those of the Presidents have appeared in major American, Irish-American, and Catholic print media. He has been married to Nuala Hogan, a nurse and native of Ireland, for 42 years and resides in Albany, New York. They are the parents of five children and four grandchildren